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Reynolds County missing couple - Powerball Jackpot - Doll that won't eat

Happy Monday!

Will there be a break from the winter weather this week? Fingers crossed! Brian Alworth will have your full forecast throughout the morning.

The search continues for a missing Reynolds County couple. We'll have the latest at 5.

Following that, the Powerball Jackpot has swelled to a huge $400 million.

Secretary of State John Kerry has spoken out on climate change and his statements have been making waves.

Did you know carseats have expiration dates? Learn more on this in a special report at 5:20.

Get a look at the top Olympic trends from over the weekend at 5:35.

Then at 5:40, a controversial doll that refuses to eat is about to hit store shelves.

A snake handler and church pastor in Kentucky died over the weekend after he was bitten during a religious ceremony. Details at 6.

Following that, the full story on an Ethiopian Airlines plane bound for Rome that was hijacked in the air by its co-pilot but landed safely in Geneva.

A legislator in Tennessee wants to change how people in the state keep time. Why? Find out at 6:30.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather and your morning Olympic medal count starting at 6:45.

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Have a great morning!

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