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Ill. cellphone law - East Prairie art - Avoid hitting snooze

Happy Wednesday!

Illinois is starting a public campaign to remind drivers talking on a cellphone is now illegal without a hands-free device. Carly O'Keefe will have the details in a live report.

Holly Brantley will also be live from East Prairie with information on art classes happening there.

The Cape Girardeau air show has been canceled for this year. Find out why at 5.

Do you have a habit of hitting snooze a few times before waking up? It may actually be a bad habit that you should break. I'll tell you why at 5:25.

In Washington, the House has passed an extension of the debt limit, pushing back a potential default for another 13 months. 

Just how much do the Olympics cost and who is paying for them? Catch the full story at 6:05.

We'll bring you Does it Work Wednesday at 6:20 as the Bacon Bowl is tested out!

More winter weather could be on the way for parts of the country. Brian Alworth will be in throughout the morning with your full forecast and what we can expect in the Heartland.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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Have a wonderful morning!

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