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Transcript of traffic stop meth bust

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On August 30, 2012, Corporal David Crank pulls a car over near Marston on northbound I-55.

"I'm Trooper Crank with the Highway Patrol," he tells the man and woman from Ohio. "The reason why I stopped you don't have any license plate lights back there."

Crank asks to see the man's license, and then asks this seemingly harmless question.

"Where you guys coming from?"

"Uh, we're coming from Little Rock," the man replies.

"Little Rock? What were y'all down there for?" Crank asks.

"We went down to visit some friends."


That casual conversation will play a key role in how this traffic stop ends. But first, Crank asks the man to get into his vehicle so the trooper can write him a warning. The small talk continues. The driver tells Crank they visited a friend of his.

"I don't get to see him very often," the man explains.

"What's his name?" Crank asks.

"Uh, Larry."

"You stayed with your friend, Larry? Or....."

"Yes sir."

As the man remains in the back seat, Crank goes back out to the female passenger to ask the same questions.

"What friend did you guys go see?" Crank asks the woman. "His friend? Your friend?"

My friend", she answers. It's clear the man's getting anxious in the trooper's SUV.

"Oh f***." he says to himself. "Oh f***."

"Where'd you stay at?" Crank asks the woman.

"Um, there's a hotel," she replies. "Um, I think it was called the Ritz."

"Ritz?" Crank confirms.

"Yeah", she responds.


Crank takes this knowledge back to the man waiting in his SUV.

"You guys aren't traveling with anything illegal in the vehicle?" he asks the now clearly nervous driver.

"No sir."

"Can I search the vehicle?"

"If you want to."

"Cuz, your stories are just not even close to matching up."

Crank goes back out to the woman in the car.

"Ma'am, if there anything illegal in the vehicle?"


"No uh, no cocaine? Marijuana? Heroin? Meth? Ok, because your two stories are not even in the same ballpark as to where you all have been. So, that makes me suspicious of your guys' trip," Crank tells her.

He heads back to his SUV and opens the passenger door.

"What's Larry's last name? What's Larry's last name?" he asks the man.

"Uh, there is no Larry."

"Go on and step out," Crank instructs him.

"There is no Larry sir. I....." the man's voice trails off as he heads toward the woman, now standing several feet away from the car. With that driver's consent, Corporal Crank searches the trunk.

"737 Poplar Bluff," he calls into the microphone strapped to his shoulder. "Get on the ground!" he orders the couple. "On the ground!" Then back to his radio, "I need some assistance. I've got a seizure."

So, what was the Ohio couple allegedly bringing back from that trip to Little Rock?

"Looks to be several pounds of crystal meth," Crank tells his dispatcher.

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