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Cape School Board approves winter weather make-up days


The Cape Girardeau Public School Board of Education approved an amended school calendar on February 7 that will allow Friday, Feb. 14 and Monday, Feb. 24 as the first two inclement weather make-up days.

The board said this decision was made as a result of the six days missed due to inclement weather, and in order to avoid adding an excessive number of days at the end of the school calendar in May.

The Community Teachers Association endorsed two additional make-up days. This decision was based on the following considerations:

  • Student learning will be enhanced by having instructional days in February rather than at the end of May
  • Although attendance may be affected by using these days, considering that some parents may have plans, days added at the end of May do not include seniors and thus reduce attendance as well
  • February 24 was originally designated as a Professional Development Day. Professional Development will be moved to March 21 which was originally a non-school day due to the Music contest hosted by the high school. The high school staff have confirmed that they will be able to host the Music Contests and have space for Professional Development
  • Students whose parents verify with the Building Principal that they will miss one of these days due to a planned trip or activity will be considered excused.

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