Looming winter weather - Marshall County deadly crash - Dad defends wife who allegedly killed son

Happy Tuesday!

Join us for Heartland News at Noon to get the latest developments on a deadly semi crash in Marshall County.

Plus, get the latest on the winter weather headed to the area.

And, in Indianapolis, some pizza delivery drivers are now carrying guns and we'll have a special report.

From kfvs12.com: A new phone scam could get you a hefty cell phone bill and an ear full on the other end of the line.

Also: Evolution, the Bible and the origin of the universe will be up for debate when "Science Guy" Bill Nye shares the stage with the founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum.

Microsoft has named Satya Nadella, an executive in charge of the company's small but growing business of delivering software and services over the Internet, as its new CEO.

A Texas dad is defending his wife who is charged with murdering their son.

You can watch us live at noon from the homepage at kfvs12.com.

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