Staying safe on black ice

The weather conditions are setting up to make for some very dangerous driving conditions over the next 24 hours.

One of the hazards is one that is very difficult to see, and it's known as 'black ice'.

"You've got a condition where a change in the temperature is no changing the moisture content in the roadway," said Illinois State Trooper Christopher Watson. "And the next thing you know it'll freeze over, it happens very quickly."

That's why Trooper Watson says if you think there could be 'black ice' on the roads, you need to change the way your driving immediately.

"You want to be very smooth on your acceleration, stopping and steering. When you turn your steering wheel do it smoothly, not abruptly. Because this can cause you to lose control of your vehicle."

The icy conditions can also happen in the daylight hours, they don't only happen at night.

Police want to remind you that you need to have at least a half tank of fuel in your car before heading out on the road in these conditions. Carry extra blankets and clothing, make sure you have your cell phone charger for your phone, carry a flashlight and extra batteries, some extra water, some snack foods and a first aid kit.

"If your vehicle becomes disabled stay with your vehicle," Trooper Watson said. "The National Weather Service predicts that frostbite can happen in less then ten minutes. So make no mistake about it, if you get caught out in these extreme weather conditions and are unprepared, it can become a life or death situation very quickly."