ISP: Pay attention to snow plows, be prepared

(Source: MGN)
(Source: MGN)
The ISP also wants to remind drivers to pay special attention to IDOT Snow Removal Operations and other emergency services personnel while traveling.

Violations of Scott's Law or the Move Over Law can have tragic consequences.

With the storm predicted Tuesday, police remind drivers traveling home from work and school are reminded to travel prepared.

Make sure your vehicle is ready by ensuring you have over a half tank of fuel, are carrying extra warm clothing and/ or blankets, water, high energy, non-perishable foods, a cell phone with charger, a flashlight and extra batteries, and a first aid kit.

 If your vehicle becomes disabled, stay with your vehicle.

The National Weather Service says frostbite can occur in less than ten minutes. "Make no mistake about it, if you are caught out in these extreme conditions and are unprepared, it can become a life or death situation very quickly" said Illinois State Police District 13 Safety Education Officer Trooper Joey Watson.

For further information on Winter Driving Tips as well as a suggested Winter Emergency

Survival Kit, log onto

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