Winter weather costs IDOT 2.5 times the average cost so far this year

Winter weather costs IDOT 2.5 times the average cost so far this year

(KFVS) - Road crews in Illinois have used more salt and spent more money so far this year than the average for a winter season.

IDOT District 9 Engineer Keith Miley says they had used 27,000 tons of salt as of last Friday for the southern 16 counties in Illinois. The average amount they use in the winter season per year is 20,000 tons of salt. Right now, they have 18,000 tons of salt in storage. Miley says that should be enough to finish out the rest of this winter season.

Miley says this winter season has been not only hard on southern Illinois, but the entire state. In District 9, as of last Friday, they have racked up $3.8 million worth of snow and ice removal. Statewide, it is up to $80 million. Out of that $3.8 million in District 9, $1.6 million has been spent on the material and chemical costs to spray on the roads and $900,000 has been spent on equipment cost while $1.3 million has been spent on labor. Miley says this year has exceeded their $1.6 million four year average cost by nearly 2.5 times.

IDOT trucks were still clearing roads Monday in the southern counties of Alexander, Pulaski, Massac, Pope, and Hardin, according to Miley.

Miley also says they will have trucks out for the rest of the day Monday


They will keep working into the next winter event that will hit the area on Tuesday.

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