Murphysboro schools respond to recent crime activity

Murphysboro schools respond to recent crime activity

In response to the recent crime activity taking place in Murphysboro, the school district went in to moderate lock down Wednesday.

School administrators advised parents to pick their kids up from school as a safety precaution instead of having them walk home.

The district's middle school is located a few blocks away from where the robbery took place.

It put some parents on edge and concerned about their children's safety, especially with the recent string of burglaries in the area.

"We don't want our concern as parents as community members to rise to such a heightened state that we put fear in the hearts of our children," said Heather Laughland Etherton, a parent. "They need to have a respect for safety and doing things that are safety measures, behaving in a way that promotes traveling in numbers that type of thing, but we don't want to fear their community at large."

The district's superintendent, Christopher Grode says the school went back to normal Thursday.

Staff plans to meet Friday to discuss safety measures within the district.

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