A new building for students and business in Carbondale

(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)
(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)
(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)
(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)
(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)
(Source: Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects)

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - If city leaders in Carbondale give the green light to a developer, there will be a new building lining the south-end of Illinois Avenue.

On Tuesday, the council received a proposal from Tartan Realty Group and KW Architects to build a residential/retail building at 710 South Illinois Avenue.

The building would open up more than 4,000 square feet to new businesses.

And another 358 apartments for students at SIC.

"I think it's amazing. I hope that the city works with them as much as they possibly can to get them in here  as quickly as they can," said Claries Morgan owner of Corey's Hair Design. "I think it would bring lots of new business to Carbondale. I think that's what we need."

The project is estimated to be from $20-25 million.

And it could bring in more than $12 million annually to the City of Carbondale.

"I'm glad to see that somebody else has stepped up, even though it's a little smaller then the first project that was proposed for this area," said David Co racy president of B&A Travel Services. "It's still going to give Carbondale a chance to put on a shiny new face."

One of the issues for the project architects to overcome is the parking for the residential apartments, which would be one-two and four bedroom units.

Which some people in town question why there needs to be more living space for SIUC students when there's so many empty spaces around town already.

"Why do we need more student apartments here in town? The enrollment at SIUC has been going down steadily over the past few years," said Dave Brown general manager of Quarto's. "You build this monstrosity of a building, if you want to call it that. And sure it does bring in the retail space on the ground floor. But the students that are going in there they're just going to take it away from somewhere else. So you still have empty buildings somewhere else in Carbondale. So where's the advantage here?"

The city council will still have to vote in favor of the project. Which if the architects get the green light, they say they would like to break ground this summer.

They could have it completed by the fall of 2015.

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