East Missouri Action Agency to conduct 'Point in Time' count

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - From Wednesday night into Thursday morning the East Missouri Action Agency will be conducting their "Point in Time" count.

Agencies take part to go out in communities across the state and count the number of homeless people in each region. Those numbers are then sent it to help organizations apply for grant money to help the homeless population.

"Well, with the numbers we are able to obtain through counts such as the one we're going to do tonight, those numbers really drive our need for the assistance," said Jaime Ludwig, social worker. "So, when it comes time to apply to funding, we can say based on our point in time in January, or in the summer, we were able to identify x amount of people."

They will conduct another count in the summer.

Ludwig said they typically see higher numbers during the warmer months.

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