Dry conditions, winds spread brush fires

Dry conditions, winds spread brush fires

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Dry conditions and winds are helping spread fires.

Scott County Rural Fire Department Fire Chief Jeremy Perrien says there was a tree line fire was behind 1810 State Hwy. C in Scott County.

Perrien says when winds are blowing 30 around miles an hour or more that it's not a good time to burn. There were nine calls of brush fires on Sunday due to dry conditions.

Other firefighters say how hot or cold it is, doesn't play a role at all in starting the fire. We are still in drought like conditions and combine that with 40 mile per hour winds and you have an environment for brush fires.

Firefighters on scene of a brush fire near Millersville say about 10 to 15 acres were on fire. They say it was contained relatively quickly but crews stayed around to put out the hotspots and prevent it from spreading.

"Even though the temperatures might be 18 degrees, we have a dry spell," Assistant Fire Chief Steve Corzini with Gordonville Fire Department said. "The grass is dry and especially now we have high winds which help spread the fire."

Corzini says the frozen ground did allow the crew to get to areas that they normally couldn't with their fire trucks.

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