School bus preps - Grammy Awards recap - Arena Building shooting

Good Monday morning!

Carly O'Keefe will be live this morning with details on how workers in area school bus yards prepare for picking kids up during cold weather.

Holly Brantley will also be live talking weather and the very cold temperatures the Heartland faces this week.

I will be your source for a full recap of the Grammy Awards that took place Sunday night including performances and the big winners.

We will also be bringing you the latest developments on the shooting at the Arena Building in Cape Girardeau over the weekend.

Officials say alcohol could have been a factor in a crash that killed a man Sunday night in Hamilton County. Full story at 5:30.

Then at 5:42, learn more about the currently so-called hot housing market.

Officials in Arkansas say flu season has hit its peak. Tune in at 6 to learn more.

Following that, police in Maryland are still trying to find out why a teenager opened fire in a suburban mall, killing two people.

Some major credit card companies are questioning the current card systems due to recent security breaches. More on this at 6:20.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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Have a wonderful morning!

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