The benefits of one workout

The benefits of one workout


According to a 2012 study researchers found that those just a few minutes in the gym can have mood and health boosting effects.

First, researchers say it can alter your DNA. perhaps suggesting you can’t blame your body on your mom and dad anymore.

Exercise, they say, alters genes for strength and metabolism in a positive way.

Meanwhile, your brain releases those feel good hormones – endorphins.

 We’ve all heard of 'runner's high’. According to researchers, that’s a real chemical result of working out.

They also suggest possible protection from diabetes, due to their findings that apparently just one session can improve insulin levels.

You should also feel more focused because of a surge of blood to the brain.

Researchers also say anxiety and depression levels decrease. Your stress should face away.

According to data, 14 percent of people who turn to exercise to rid themselves of stress see improvements all because of body chemistry and again those endorphins surge.

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