Mississippi Co. inmates face property damage, weapons charges

Christopher Antuan Nunnally (Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)
Christopher Antuan Nunnally (Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)
Javion Demarco Williams (Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)
Javion Demarco Williams (Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)

Two inmates are facing felony contraband charges after an investigation, according to Mississippi County Sheriff Keith Moore.

Christopher Antuan Nunnally, 22, of Charleston, and Javion Demarco Williams, 18, of Sikeston, are each charged with possession of a dangerous item in the county jail and damage to jail property.

Bonds for the men were set at $25,000 each on the new cases, in addition to the bonds set on the cases for which they're presently jailed.

Williams also faces an additional count of damage to jail property, for reportedly cutting open a jail issued mattress and removing its stuffing, for the purpose of adding stuffing to his assigned mat. Bond in that case was set at $5,000.

Sheriff Moore said the investigation took place on December 17, during a routine jail cell inspection conducted by Deputy Cory Hutcheson and Corrections Officer William Dorris.

When Deputy Hutcheson and Officer Dorris entered C-pod of the Mississippi County Detention Center, they saw Williams get up and run into his cell.

Officer Dorris reportedly followed Williams to his cell and watched him place an item in his window sill. At that time, Officer Dorris told Williams and his cell mate, Nunnally, to leave the cell, so Deputy Hutcheson could safely retrieve the item from the window.

As he entered the cell, Deputy Hutcheson noticed a makeshift pillow fashioned out of a jail-issued towel that had been folded in half, filled with fibers torn from a mattress and then loosely sewn shut.

Based on his prior experience, Deputy Hutcheson reportedly recognized that type of contraband as being indicative of an improvised needle also being nearby.

Sheriff Moore said Deputy Hutcheson's suspicions were confirmed moments later, when a sharp piece of wire was found lying in the window sill where Williams had reached. He said the wire was sharpened on one end and had been bent into a small loop on the other, to function as an improvised sewing needle.

According to the officer's report, when Officer Dorris seized the pillow, Nunnally protested that he made the pillow and it belonged to him.

"Due to health and sanitation concerns, Mississippi County inmates are not allowed to have pillows," said Jail Administrator Cory Hutcheson, "and those who destroy county property in pursuit of personal comfort are subject to prosecution."

"Inmates receive their basic essentials at the taxpayers' expense, so my department takes it seriously when that property is needlessly destroyed," Sheriff Moore said.

All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

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