Report says respect in schools declining

Report says respect in schools declining

LEOPOLD, MO (KFVS) - Respect may be a class students and teachers are skipping.

A new Harris Poll said respect in schools is down from a generation ago. From teachers to students to parents, apparently everyone is losing that regard for each other.

Keenan Kinder is the Superintendent in Leopold. He said he’s not shocked by the national trend, but that’s what he sees at his school.

"Students come in ready to learn, they get respect from us and give it back to us," said Kinder.

"It's important that we talk properly and act properly," said Carlton Thoma, a math teacher at Leopold.

Thoma has been teaching for 30 years.

He said it’s not always easy, but it’s important for teachers to give respect in order to get it from students.

"I think teachers have to earn the respect of their students," said Thoma.

Brice Jansen is an 8th grader at Leopold. She said respect is in the school rules, respect to peers and teachers.

"Everybody respects each other here just because its' so small we know everybody, everybody just feels like family here, and that just really helps the respect level," said Jansen.

“Respect is an important part of education because when they come into the classroom they have to have the mindset to learn," said Kinder.

But Kinder and Thoma said respect isn’t just a subject for the classroom.

"It starts at home, parents instill respect into their kids here," said Kinder.

"Most of our kids have learned to be very respectful when they get here and that makes it easier for us," said Thoma.

It’s a lesson that should last well beyond the school walls.

“In the real world, respect is an important thing and since it's an important thing here it will just help me more," said Jansen.

"That's what schools are trying to do produce well rounded beings," said Kinder.

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