Cold temps - Murder charges - Mac the pitbull

Cold temps - Murder charges - Mac the pitbull

Those cold temperatures continue to freeze the Heartland. Bob Reeves tells us

to expect temps to dip to tonight.

At least one school has decided to postpone classes by two hours tomorrow. Go to

on your computer or check the rotating banner in our free news app for a list of school closings.

Two men face charges after a

over the weekend. Rachel Gartner explains more about the investigation on Heartland News at Five.


has been filed against a man for the 2010 murder of a 15-year-old boy in Mt. Vernon. Allison Twaits has more on this investigation on Heartland News at Six.

Four teens were arrested in connection with a

in Calloway County.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon proposed a

in his State of the State address last night. Mollie Lair has the details on his plans for the 2015 fiscal year on Heartland News at Five.

A man who served as a draft speechwriter for Martin Luther King Jr. will be in Cape Girardeau tonight to speak at the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Show Me Center. Mollie Lair will be at that celebration and will joins us live on Heartland News at Six.

University of Oklahoma staff member contacted police to

. Police found no evidence of a shooting in the area. OU's president said the person "did the right thing."

from the Belknap Water District and the Village of Pittsburg Public Water Supply were lifted Wednesday.

With the recent breach into major retailers like Target, it makes people think about other places they can be a target for spammers, like Facebook. Christy Millweard met with a computer expert and has some tips on how to keep yourself safe on Heartland News at Six.

With $14,000 in donations and climbing, a Cape Girardeau pitbull works to pay it forward. His name is Mac and his owner, Rochelle Steffen, said his secret is simple: He is Pitbull Strong. But in this case, the

the breed is usually associated with.

A woman in upstate New York will remember her 8-year-old son as a hero. The

from a fire, early Monday morning.

This has been

on Twitter. At least one Olympic bathroom seems to be flush with toilets. When BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg went to use the bathroom at the cross-country skiing and biathlon center for next month's Winter Olympics in Sochi, he found


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