Clinics in southern Illinois busy with flu cases

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - While flu shots were given readily in Illinois, cases of H1N1 have been on the rise since the holidays.

Doctors at the Franklin Hospital Clinic say they've been busy with the influenza-like illnesses in adults and croup-like coughs with school-age children.

Doctor Richard Rethorst said most coughs are not a concern, but parents should take notice to the following symptoms.

"The big one that tends to happen at night when the temperature drops and the air gets drier, they have trouble breathing sometimes," Rethorst said. "In those cases, you do want to get them to the emergency room and get them looked at. Occasionally, we do have children who develop pneumonia from these infections and they need to be in the hospital."

Doctor Rethorst said most coughs do not require hospitalization. He said in most instances, chicken noodle soup, rest and plenty of fluids will get you through the bug.

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