Carbondale interim mayor named

(Source: Arnold Wyrick, Heartland News multimedia journalist)
(Source: Arnold Wyrick, Heartland News multimedia journalist)

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The City of Carbondale has named its new mayor.

Councilman Don Monty will take over February 4. The city council chose him in a vote of 6-0 at Tuesday night's meeting.

Monty is no stranger to city hall, he worked there for 35 years before retiring in 2006.

Among the many positions he held with the City were Program Coordinator, Planner, Community Development Director, and Assistant City Manager. In his last 14 years of City employment he was instrumental in preparing, balancing, and implementing Carbondale’s City budget.

"I'm coming in with the approach that I'm the chairman of the committee," Monty said. "And I am going to defer as much as I can to my fellow council members as we try to reach consensus. It's not my roll to come up here and ram things through the way I want them . It's my role to try to work with the other council members. And see waht we can do to work through things for the best interest of the community."

Monty mentioned that he started in Carbondale City Hall as an intern in the mayor's office. It's now an office that he will be in charge of in a couple of weeks.

The interim mayor also pointed out that the council needs to get to work on the city's budget, and strive to create more jobs in the future.

Mayor Joel Fritzler was elected in 2011 and recently announced he's stepping down. Before he left office, Fritzler encouraged the city council to stay focused on developing the city's downtown area.

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