Snow geese descend on Pemiscot County

Snow geese descend on Pemiscot County

PEMISCOT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Snow Geese are out in Pemiscot County during this week feeding before colder weather enters the region.

An estimated 200,000 geese will fly south when the colder air hits.

During the winter it is not uncommon to see 400,000 Snow Geese in this area.

Josh Driskill, Dirty Rice Outfitters in Gobler, Missouri says this is the time when his businesses flourishes by taking several groups out a day to hunt.

"It usually holds around three to four hundred thousand Snow Geese during the day," said Driskill. "Everyday we've got two or three big feeds going on moving back and forth across the county. So, It's usually like this most of the time."

Driskill says his business flourishes this time a year taking several groups out to hunt.

Snow Geese season runs through February 1 with a limit of 20 birds per day. After February 1, it's unlimited.

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