Marion artist comes home to show exhibit

Marion artist comes home to show exhibit

(KFVS) - A Marion native has returned home to show his artwork, but why come home for the exhibit?  Because the exhibit is about home.

Shawn Vincelette grew up in Marion.  He's familiar with the landmarks, the history and just how much it means to the people who live here.  

Which is part of the reason why Vincelette created "The Marion Landmark Series."  Vincelette says, he used old pictures and had help from the historical society when choosing which landmarks to draw.
He says, he's had a tremendous response to his work, "It's been, its made the whole project worthwhile.  Just from the comments, its nice when people like your work, but when somebody connects with your work, its what makes a world of difference."

Vinvelette says, this exhibit was meant to inspire across generations.  He says, he hopes the artwork evokes memories for the older generation, and give insight into Marion's history for area youth.
Vincelette's exhibit will be open for viewing Friday evening at Distinctive Interiors in Marion. 

Prints and originals are available, including post card prints, which are miniature versions of "The Marion Landmark Series." 

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