Brookport gets some needed help

Brookport gets some needed help
Correctional Officer Jason Henton
Correctional Officer Jason Henton

BROOKPORT, IL (KFVS) - It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since the city of Brookport was flipped up-side-down by an EF3 tornado.

The cleanup hasn't been easy for crews who've had to deal with snow and ice storms.

It's been slow going for the folks down in Brookport when it comes to picking up the piles of debris that have lined the streets now for weeks.

But today it was a team effort to finally get the mountains of trash and rubble and hauled away for good.

Twenty inmates from the Dixon Springs Boot Camp worked hand in hand with the Illinois Department of Transportation, which supplied trucks to haul away the last of the piles of debris, picking up items near the road way and in ditches.

Last week's unwelcome news from FEMA, which denied the state's request for public assistance, has the city strapped for cash and looking for ways to get their city back on its feet without spending money.

"Whenever we bring a work crew down twenty inmates from our program and each one of those cities can give six and a half hours of labor through the course of the day. that's over 130 man hours that they get from the Illinois department of corrections that cost them basically nothing," says correctional officer with the Dixon springs boot camp Jason Henton.

Crews say there is still a lot to do, and they're still asking folks to keep bringing out their trash near the roads so that IDOT can come pick it up.

They're not allowed on people's property.

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