Dangerous intersection in Dexter has city leaders concerned

Dangerous intersection in Dexter has city leaders concerned

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Police say a busy intersection in Dexter has been the site of numerous crashes over the years.

It's the intersections of Highway 25, Highway 114, and Kitchen Street. City leaders want to do something about it.

The Dexter Chief of Police said there have been 26 accidents at the intersection over the past five years. He says the majority of those accidents were serious.

"The thing about accidents at that intersection is that they're, as we put it, a high-speed accident," he said. "People are trying to cross that and they usually get T-boned, or that type of thing, and there's usually lots of property damage and possibly injuries."

City Alderman Jason Banken said the danger at the intersection is too high not to make a change.

"Two lanes this direction, two lanes that direction, and a turning lane and they're trying to go across and all it takes is one blink," Banken said.

Banken said there could easily be a crash there because of the way the intersection is set up.

"I see close calls here all the time," Banken said.

The owner of a nearby business, Dexter Collision, said he has seen several wrecks there.

"I would call it pretty dangerous," Dallas Norton said.

Chief Stone agreed.

"That's a wide intersection right there and a lot of times it's hard to see, it really is," Stone said.

That's why Banken wants to make a change.

"A lot of times it takes something bad to get something done like that and I don't want to wait for that," Banken said.

City officials are looking at a few options. One of them is to close Kitchen Street. The Dexter City Administrator said the Missouri Department of Transportation controls the intersection. City officials are working closely with MODOT to make the intersection safer.

"They're looking at accidents at the location," City Administrator Mark Stidham said. "They're looking at a lot of other things instead of just jumping in and closing a location."

Banken said the change can't come soon enough.

"I don't want to wait until the next time and wonder why we left it there," Banken said.

City officials say they are still in the early stages of making any changes to this intersection. They say they will wait to hear more from MODOT and the public before any official decisions are made.

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