Ky. treasury secretary looks for owners of $200 million in savings bonds

KENTUCKY (KFVS) - The Kentucky State Treasury Secretary is looking for the owners of $200 million in Federal savings bonds.

Secretary Todd Hollenbach said the bonds made their way to the Treasury Office from banks all over the state. Local banks ship the contents of safety deposit boxes when they don't hear from owners for three years.

Hollenbach said he's trying to track down the owners, but since the bonds are Federal, the process requires lots of legal wrangling.

"That's what we're doing now, we are working to try to get some house cleaning legislation to make it iron clad that we are the owners of the bonds in our possession," Hollenbach said. "And then we'll leverage that hopefully to get to the rest of them so we can get that money returned to the people of Kentucky."

If Hollenbach's office, workers can't find the owners, they go to the state's general fund.

You can click here to see if you're the owner of some of those bonds.

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