Man arrested in connection with police chase after social media posts

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A man was charged Thursday, January 9 after he allegedly led police on a chase through Cape Girardeau.

Jeremy Jacob Haynes, 24, was charged with class D felony of resisting arrest. Bond was set at $15,000 cash only.

According to the probable cause statement, social media was used to identify Haynes, leading to his arrest.

An officer said he was able to positively identify the driver of the truck as Jeremy Haynes. He said on Dec. 24 he learned that Haynes had posted the following message on his Facebook account:

"Just goes to show you how highly trained out police are in cape. 17 vehicles total tried stopping me today and every one of them failed! Imma be p***** it I didn't make the news"

Later in the same thread, the officer said Haynes posted:

"It was run freal. Lol"

On December 24 at about 11:03 a.m., an officer arrived at Schnuck's on Kingshighway for a follow up on a case in which several suspects were believed to be making forged drivers' licenses and trying to pass forged checks. One suspect was already in custody, so the officer began searching for the other suspect's vehicle. It was described as a single cab, blue or green Chevrolet Z21 pickup.

The officer saw a truck matching that description driving through the parking lot of Kmart toward Independence. He said he checked the license plate and the truck to be a 1992 Chevy pickup belonging to Devin Burden of Jackson, Mo. with a Transfer On Death to Jeremy Haynes.

According to the officer, at that time, he was behind the truck and going east on Independence at Kingshighway. He said they proceeded through the intersection, going east, and he turned on his lights and siren to pull the truck over.

The officer said the truck continued to go east on Independence and turned its right turn signal on, then turned its hazard lights on while still going the speed limit. He said the truck then turned its right turn signal on and turned south onto Sheridan Drive from Independence, failing to yield.

At this time, another officer going north on Sheridan from William turned his lights and siren on to help. Officers say the driver of the truck then stuck his hand out of the open window and raised his middle finger in the air. He then rapidly sped up through a gravel parking lot on the northeast corner of William and Sheridan, causing two wheels to come up off of the ground. The truck then drove onto William Street, nearly causing crashes in the process, and proceeded to speed east on William.

One of the officers said he was driving 65 mph and noticed the truck was gaining distance on him.

At the corner of William and South Sprigg, the truck turned into the parking lot of Save A Lot and drove through it and back onto South Sprigg, going north at a high rate of speed. Officers say there were pedestrians and parked vehicles in this parking lot.

They say the truck then went north on South Sprigg, across Independence and Broadway, with no concern for the traffic light or other drivers. At the intersection of North Sprigg and North Street, officers day they lost sight of the truck and the chase ended.

After the social media posts, Haynes was arrested. Officers say the truck was not found.

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