Sticking to resolutions - Stay safe in winter - 'Everyday item' prices going up

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Carly O'Keefe will be live this morning with information on the winter weather and how it's impacting the Heartland.

Where does all that salt go after it's washed off the roads during winter? I'll tell you all about it at 5:10.

Holly Brantley is also live this morning from Cape Girardeau where she'll be talking resolutions, particularly at the gym.

Catch a special report on wearable technology at 5:20.

Thursday, the funeral for Army Specialist Trey Hedrick, who drowned in a duck hunting accident in Kansas, will take place.

There are many everyday items that are expected to have a higher price tag in 2014. Join me at 6:05 for what's going up in the new year.

Following that, a Murphysboro fire is still under investigation but is believed to have started near the flue in the kitchen. We'll have the full story for you.

Plus, we'll be telling you about how to stay safe in your home when using different types of heat sources.

Health experts say flu cases are on the rise throughout the Heartland and there is a current shortage of a certain flu medicine. More details at 6:30.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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Have a great morning!

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