Bus stop safety - Mo. legislation - Does it Work Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Holly Brantley is live this morning with information on how to keep kiddos safe and warm as they head back to school.

There are some new laws being considered in the Missouri House and we'll have a special report at 5.

Following that, a deer is recovering in a Jonesboro animal clinic after being stuck for hours on ice.

Many of us probably made resolutions this year to be in better shape. Join me at 5:15 for tips on how to run better.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first official warning about smoking cigarettes. Learn more about this and other health headlines at 5:30.

Then at 6, a Minnesota family is using snow to spread a special message for a loved one in need.

Ever wondered if Good Grips Corn Stripper actually worked, but didn't want to fork over the money? Catch this week's Does it Work test at 6:20.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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Have a wonderful morning!

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