Freezing temps stall IDOT crews

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Below freezing temperatures stalled IDOT crews from laying down chemicals used to melt ice on roads, causing some delays in Illinois.

Anything below 20 degrees, salt becomes less effective.

Since those are the temperatures the Heartland has been dealing with the last few days, crews haven't been able to treat the roads as best they can until Tuesday.

Tuesday's temperatures allowed crews to finally lay down salt across interstates and county roads in southern Illinois.

Over 110 IDOT trucks were out in full force in 16 counties trying to make up for the loss time.

IDOT Engineer Keith Miley said they've made good progress, but as of Tuesday primary routes and state routes are not in great shape compared to the interstates, which are in much better conditions.

Miley said crews will continue to work through Tuesday and into Wednesday.

"We knew the temperatures were going to increase today and we have made significant improvement today especially on the interstate system. Our worse condition right now is 25 percent covered but most locations are 100 percent clear," Miley said.

The temperature even forced crews to treat the diesel fuel so that it wouldn't gel inside the trucks.

Believe it or not these crazy temps only caused four trucks to break down.

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