Gun shop owners fired up over fees

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Every time someone wants to own a gun, whether it's new or passed down, they have to fill out a firearms transaction record.

It's basically a background check that is then sent in to Illinois State Police for approval. It can be done online or at a gun shop, and is free for individuals to fill out.

However, if gun shop owners fill it out they'll be charged $2 to send that form in.

It may not sound like a lot, but a shop owner said it adds up; especially, with the number of people who have been wanting to own guns over the last few months.

"It all adds up. I call in thirty applications a day that two dollars adds up every day. Every time I make a phone call, every time I sell a gun it is another two bucks," said Chad Butler, owner of Twisted Barrel Firearms.

Butler agreed that shop owners should be the ones responsible for calling in the application for their customers, but when it comes to who should pay the fee, he thinks it's unfair for dealers.

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