Seniors help each other out during cold

Seniors help each other out during cold

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Senior volunteers are helping other seniors due to extreme cold temperatures.

The Cape Girardeau Senior Center normally helps around 200 seniors in the area with providing food and supplies. Employees make food Monday through Friday and it's delivered by volunteers.

Those volunteers, mostly seniors, go directly to an elderly person's house to deliver food, make sure they are doing ok and write down anything they might need.

Susan McClanahan, Senior Center Administrator says that they make food and serve a number of people each day at the senior center for lunch. However, some aren't able to make it out of their homes so we make every effort to bring the food and supplies they need.

McClanahan says drivers are told to stay out of harm's way and watch out for icy sidewalks.

Each month they supply seniors' emergency food package, which contains chili, stew, fruits and juice.

These seniors will be able to survive on days where our volunteers aren't able to get to them.

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