Apps, tech safety for frigid weather

(KFVS) - Just as humans don't work as well in old weather, tech devices also struggle when the temps drop.

Some tips to remember to keep tech devices safe in cold weather:

  • Keep devices warm.
  • Do not leave out in the elements (parked cars, garages, etc.)
  • If phone freezes up, let it warm up before restarting.
  • Keep backup power source at all times (car charger, wall charger)
  • Phones will withstand colder temperatures if turned off, so shut it down if not in use.

Some great apps to download for weathering the cold temps:

  • KFVS Weather app--available on Android and Apple
  • Winter Wake Me Up--available on Android and Apple, sets alarms based on what weather is forecasted for specific area.
  • Road Trip Weather--Apple only, helps plans trips based on road conditions.
  • Winter Survival Kit--Apple only, stores emergency numbers and records how many miles left on tank of gas among other things.
  • Thermometer Widget--Android only, measures temps and wind chill.

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