Bonne Terre volunteers willing to remove snow for citizens

BONNE TERRE, MO (KFVS) - According to Bonne Terre Fire Chief Matt Barton, around two dozen volunteers will give their time to help those in need for snow removal.

Bonne Terre, Missouri fire fighters and other volunteers will shovel snow on sidewalks and driveways for residents who can't do so themselves.

Any elderly, handicap, or residents that just don't feel comfortable can call Chief Barton and let him know they need help. Barton also says they plan on contacting the Senior Center and help them deliver meals to those in need.

Barton says that really anything they can help out in helping community members they will try. Barton wants the people of Bonne Terre to know that the town is here if for them. He feels the town was once a place that strived on community togetherness and wants to rebuild that.

In the event of any outages, or anyone that needs warmth, the fire department and city hall will serve as warming centers.

They are equipped with kitchens and have plenty of room to help people out.

If you would like to contact Chief Barton, you may reach him at the fire station at 573-358-2200 or on his cell at 573-631-5655.

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