Shoppers return/exchange unwanted Christmas gifts

Shoppers return/exchange unwanted Christmas gifts

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We've all done it. Either given or received a present that is too big, too small or just not the right style.

Some shoppers wasted no time returning those not-so-perfect Christmas gifts.

The stockings are empty and the presents are open.

Let the returns begin.

"Not all of it fit so I had to return," said shopper Abie Enax. "And I like to come back today because there's always good sales. And as you can see I managed to leave with more than I exchanged for."

For some it's about convenience, and for others it's about expedience.

"I had an impatient child that wanted his Kindle Fire returned today," said Tara Elfrink.

Stores are accommodating shoppers over the next few days as they come to return or exchange gifts.

Some places, including Best Buy, have extended hours to help in the process.

"I save some receipts and some I don't, but the stores have been really easy about exchanging stuff," said shopper Michelle Spickler. "Especially if you use your debit card."

Even for those who maybe got everything in the right size and color, the deals appeal to the bargain hunter.

"We're kind of on vacation and we knew today everyone was working and the mall may be a little slower than normal instead of coming in on the weekends," Spickler said. "It was a real pleasant experience. In and out of the stores quickly. It was a good day to go shopping."

The signs boasting "50% off" or "Buy One Get One Free" help shoppers cross off those final items on their wish list.

"We usually always have exchanges, we can never get through a Christmas without them, but this is one of our first time coming back right after Christmas and it's definitely worked out in my favor," said Enax.

While these shoppers said it was simple to return or exchange gifts, every store policy is different.

Some stores only offer store credit and this year many stores have shortened the time period for you to return Christmas gifts.

Click here to see a list of major retailers and their return policies.

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