Flooding causes road closures, water rescues

Flooding causes road closures, water rescues
Near Lick Creek in Stoddard Co.(Source: cNews)
Near Lick Creek in Stoddard Co.(Source: cNews)
Hawthorne St. in Cape Girardeau (Source: Vanessa Garrett)
Hawthorne St. in Cape Girardeau (Source: Vanessa Garrett)
Hawthorne St. in Cape Girardeau (Source: Vanessa Garrett)
Hawthorne St. in Cape Girardeau (Source: Vanessa Garrett)
Water in Morehouse, MO (Source: Mike Mohundro)
Water in Morehouse, MO (Source: Mike Mohundro)
Jer's in Marble Hill (Source: Barbara Harris)
Jer's in Marble Hill (Source: Barbara Harris)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Heavy rain is causing flooding in many areas of the Heartland this weekend.

Severe weather

The forecast called for heavy rain, and severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and tornadoes possible especially in the Bootheel, northwest Tennessee and western Kentucky for Saturday.

Dispatch in Marshall County, Ky. said there are trees down in the county due to high winds.

KYTC had reports of trees down at numerous locations in Calloway County.

Trees were down along KY 1346 between US 641 and KY 94.

There was a report of a damaged utility pole and power lines along Airport Road.


According to an employee at the Wabash Christian Retirement Center in Carmi, Illinois, water got very close to entering the buildings.  There was water in outside rooms and breezeways.  Nobody was evacuated Saturday afternoon, but employees said they had a plan in place to get residents to safety if water enters the residences. 

Williamson County, Illinois EMA reports the county has a number of roads closed due to flooding.

According to the West Frankfort, Illinois Police Department, several homes had water in garages Saturday morning.  The area with the most flooding concerns was in the 600 block of Park Hill Street, Douglas Street and Gardner Street.  Police say water got high in these areas and flooded some roads. Water also got into homes.

The Perry County, Missouri Sheriff's Office says to avoid Route F in Apple Creek near St Joseph Church. The road is closed due to flooding.

Statement from Franklin County EMA: Officials throughout Franklin County are monitoring the potential for additional flooding in the region. As of this morning, several reports have been made to officials concerning flooded roadways and some homes that have been affected.

Residents are encouraged to ensure basement pumps are in working order and to be mindful of rising flash flood waters. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, or your home has been flooded in the past decade, we encourage you to have a plan of action in place so you can evacuate your home if needed. Now is the time to prepare and closely monitor the situation. Do not hesitate to leave your home if flood waters are near.

Officials in the City of West Frankfort have received reports of some homes that are surrounded by water or in a state of minor flooding at this time. Officials ask that anyone living in a flood prone areas of the City continue to keep a close eye on the situation and take immediate action if needed. Do not allow children to play in a flood area. Motorists should detour away from flooded roadways.

Route 3 in Cairo was closed around 2 p.m. Saturday due to flooding in front of the high school. People were turning around at the school.

Chris Hines, an official in Pope County, Illinois says ISP closed 145 from the Eddyville blacktop to the intersection of Route 146, as well as Route 145 and Temple Hill Road.

Water rescues

The NWS reports a water rescue by the Wayne County, Mo. Fire Department on Highway P and TT due to flooded roads near the border of Wayne and Bollinger counties.

The NWS reports a water rescue in Butler County, Mo. on US 60 and CR 410. Two people were trapped in a car.

The NWS reports the Butler County Fire Department had to use a boat to rescue an elderly couple from a home on County Road 450. Water was too deep for fire trucks.

The NWS also reports people were removed from their home on Willow Street due to high water. This is near the junction of Business Route 60 and 67 in town. Initial reports came from the Poplar Bluff city fire chief to the emergency manager.

Butler County officials say they had four reported water rescues as a result of flooding.

According to Frankie Casteel, Chief of Communications for the Butler County Sheriff's Office, two adults and three children were rescued due to high water around their home on County Road 465. A four-wheel drive pickup was able to drive to the front door and transport them to a safe location inside the city of Poplar Bluff.

On County Road 410 at the intersection County Road 411, one adult was injured. A deputy on the scene said that the car ran into high water. A 4-year-old child was rescued by family member before the car was submerged. A female was in the car when it became submerged in water, but was able to escape before the car was swept away. She was transported to Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center with hypothermia.

On County Road 450, a house was completely submerged in water, and a family was trapped. The fire department had to use boat to get two adults and four children out.

On Red Robin Lane, a woman ran off the road into a ditch that was filled with water. Her car was pulled out with a truck.

Casteel says the biggest concern Saturday was for people who live along the riverbanks.

There were no evacuations in Butler Co. as of early Saturday night.

According to the NWS, around 10:12 p.m., five people had to be rescued from the top of a Jeep on Martin Chapel Road in Calloway County, Ky.

A car was swept off the road by water in Hazel, Ky. around 11:18 p.m. The occupants had to be rescued from Crossland Road.

According to Sikeston Department of Public Safety, the DAEOC Homeless Shelter in Sikeston took a direct hit from flooding due to the rain overnight. Residents there were evacuated and moved to another location. Water rushed the building causing water to rise several inches and get inside some rooms. No injuries are reported.

Some Morehouse, Mo. residents evacuated. Several streets flooded and homes have water getting in them. Leela Riley of Morehouse says she lost her home in the 2011 flood and is fearing losing it again. Riley says the water was up to her house and she and her family left for higher ground. Riley says she gathered clothes for her kids and will come back Sunday to look for any possible damage. Several neighborhoods have water up to houses and businesses.

Authorities warn not to try to drive over flooded roads.

Road conditions report from Mo. Highway Patrol Troop E Cpl. Clark Parrott

Heavy to moderate rain continues to fall over the Troop E area, more rain is in the forecast for this evening. Rivers and small streams continue to rise.

The following state highways have been affected by water over the roadway:

Bollinger County:

Route P West Of Arab

Route H North Of Zalma

Route WW At Sedgewickville

Butler County:

Mo 142 East Of Neelyville

Cape Girardeau County:

Route A West Of Whitewater

Route P South Of Delta

Route EE East Of Delta

Route OO South Of Burfordville

Dunklin County:

Route B South Of Campbell

Iron County:

Mo 49 North Of Glover

Route K West Of Annapolis

Route F East Of Vulcan

Madison County:

Route V North Of Marquand

Route M North Of Cascade

Mississippi County:

Interstate 57 Between The 8 Mile Marker And The 11 Mile Marker

New Madrid County:

Route Ff South Of US 60

Route U E Of Lilbourn

Mo 80 East Of Matthews

Ripley County:

Highway JJ S Of 160

Route K East Of Hwy 21 North

Route NN East Of Hwy 21 North

Route H South Of Hwy 142

Route W South Of Naylor

142 West Of Oxly

142 North Of Naylor

Scott County:

US 61 At Sikeston

Route H North Of Blodgett

Interstate 55 SB Exit Ramp At Miner

Stoddard County:

Route K East Of Leora

Route T West Of Puxico

Frankllin County, Illinois road closures via EMA:

-Park Street Road (west of State Highway 148)

-Peach Orchard Road (west of State Highway 148)

-Deering Road

Williamson County, Illinois road closures via EMA:

-Binkley Rd Nixville
-Prosperity LaMasters
-Allen Wards Mill
-Christmas Tree Canaville
-Freeman Spur Saline River
-Moak School E. Ellis
-Old Creal Springs Cochran
-Quarter Horse 9th St.
-Old Frankfort Harris School
-Caplinger Pond Worley's Mills
-Orient Mine Eastland
-Norman Songbird
-Khoury League Buckley
-Stonefort Palzo
-Perry Fuller

-Roads anticipated to be closed: South Market & Stilleys Mills

Kentucky Roads report via KYTC

Calloway County:

The traffic signal controller at the intersection of US 641 and KY 80 was damaged by floodwaters overnight. This signal is in red flashing mode for all directions and should be treated as a 4-way stop. A signal crew will attempt to replace the controller and get the signal back in service on Monday.

Carlisle County:

Road Closed

KY 1820 @ 1-3mm

KY 1628 @ 0-3mm

Fulton County:

Road Closed

KY 94

@ 7-11 mm in Lower Bottom Area

KY 94 @ 22-24 mm in Willingham Bottom

Hickman County:

Road Closed

KY 123 @ 13-15 mm

Water Over Road

KY 58 E @ Graves County Line

KY 58 W just past 1475

KY 307 N in the Beulah Bottoms near the bridges

US 51 North and South in Hickman County

KY 239 in Hickman County

Livingston County:

Water Over or On Roadway

KY 133 @ 4-9 mile marker

KY 453 @ 13-14 mile marker

KY 2232 @ 2-3 mile marker

KY 917 @ 0-3 mile marker

KY 135 @ 0-7 mile marker

US 60 @ 11-12 mile marker

KY 70 @ 0-1 mile marker

KY 1433 @ 4-5 mile marker

KY 723 @ 4-6 mile marker

McCracken County:

Road Closed

KY1255/Bonds Road @ 1-2mm

Maps & Radar:

Storm Team Digital Doppler Radar

Storm Team Radar

[MoDOT Traveler Information Map](Browser version only)

[IDOT: Getting around Illinois Map] (Browser version only)

[KY. Transportation Cabinet: 511 KY.gov.] (Browser version only)

Road conditions by phone:

-MoDOT: road conditions call: 1-888-ASK MODOT (888-275-6636).
-IDOT: For pre-recorded road condition information, please call 1-800-452-IDOT(4368)
-KY. Transportation: For road conditions call 511 or 1-866-737-3767

Download information for the FIVES news and Storm Team weather app's.

Storm reports from the National Weather Service for Saturday:

7:50am: Street flooding with water running over roadways reported in the Carbondale. Trained spotter reported 3.32 inches of rainfall since midnight on the south side of Carbondale.

8:07am: Several City roads in Marion, IL have water running over them and water was standing in several parking lots. list of roads to numerous to mention

8:07am: 3.98 inches of rainfall reported 7 miles NW of Poplar Bluff, MO since 4 p.m. on December 20

8:21am: Little River Church Road on the south fork of the Little River has been closed due to water over the road. Report relayed by the Hopkinsville Police Department

9am: About four secondary roads covered with water in Gallatin County at this time between 9-930 a.m. They were passable, but are not expected to be later this morning. Water was also on Route 13, west of Shawneetown. Emergency manager reported 2.6 inches of rain already has fallen at this time.

9am: 4 inches of rain reported in Hunter, MO in Carter County

9am: Route 149 in front of T&T recycling is covered with water. Flooding in Herrin, as well.

10am: 3.78 inches of rain two miles east, southeast of Bush, Illinois

10:27am: Water over road and ditches full at Vaughn Road and Vermont Road near Cambria Illinois. Spotter reports relayed by social media.

11am: Flash flooding one mile N of McGee, MO in Bollinger County

11:05am: 4.90 inches of rain reported at Ware, Illinois

12pm: 4 inches of total rainfall reported in Marble Hill, MO

12pm: 4.5 inches of total rainfall since Friday reported in Ellsinore, MO

12:15pm: 4.91 inches of rain reported in Carmi, IL

12:23pm: Flash flooding in Greenville, MO, 2-3 inches of water in home

12:23pm: 3.75 inches of rain N of Goreville, IL

12:30pm: 5.3 inches of rain total in Diehlstadt, MO two to three inches of water over Highway 360

1:45pm: 4 inches of rain accumulated in Jackson, MO since Friday evening

2:41pm: 5.41 inches of rain 3 miles SE of Marion, IL recorded since midnight.

3:13pm: Highway 80, west of Arlington, Ky. near the Broadway Street area is flooded. Rainfall total so far 3.08 inches.

3:35pm: 4.34 inches of rain recorded since Portageville, MO

5pm: Barkley Regional Airport reports 4.73 inches of rain in West Paducah.

5:08pm: Maxon Road in Paducah, KY impassable. Three feet of water over road.

5:06pm: 6 inches of rainfall reported 5 miles S of Junction, IL, along with limbs down and power outages.

5:13pm: Eight inches of water over parts of North Avenue, just north of the city of Metropolis. Several roads in Massac County have water over them.

5:31pm: 65 mph winds reported in Benton, KY

5:31pm: Water covering the road on Audubon between First Christian Church and Buckner Lane in Paducah-not passable.

5:31pm: Walmart Road closed due to flash floods near Highway 121 Bypass in Murray, KY

5:31pm: Several trees down and power poles snapped and power line down on the following roads; Charles Miller Road, Coles Campground Road, Highway 783, West Fort Road, Highway 641 North.

5:35pm: On Route 641 between Murray and Almo, Ky, construction barrels were blown into the highway. also a trampoline was in the middle of the road. There is also A power pole down along with power lines in Dexter, MO

5:50pm: Two inches of fast flowing water over road 10 miles E of Bernie, MO

5:51pm: 7 inches of rain recorded in Shawneetown, IL

6:25pm: Ellsinore recorded 5.30 inches of rain

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