Ladies send the gift of warmth to those in need

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A group of ladies at Capetown Independent Living have made more than 200 hats in less than three months for people in need in the Heartland.

Since October, these ladies have been looping lots of yarn with love and every single hat is unique.

"I just finished number 90," Sharon Salem said.

The ladies sent about 100 hats to Hope Children's Home in Jackson.

"Whenever a child comes into foster care, they only have the clothes that they are wearing on their backs," Executive Director at Hope Children's Home Crissy Mayberry said. "They do not have anything else typically."

Mayberry says the children picked out their hats at the annual Christmas party planned by the 32 district Foster Adopted Association.

"They had so much fun trying them on, deciding which hat they wanted to wear," Mayberry said.

The ladies also sent 50 hats to women and children at the Family Counseling Center.

"A lot of our girls come in and they don't have proper winter clothes, sometimes they come directly from county jail," said Dana Branson with the Family Counseling Center.

"Sometimes they have just the clothes on their back," said Joy Amann with the Family Counseling Center.

The ladies say it warms their heart to know the hats mean so much to those who wear them.

"[It's good to give] them to somebody who can really use them, who maybe doesn't have anything," said Hazel Hahs.

The say the hats also knit them together as friends.

"We are really more than a neighborhood," Salem said. "We are a family."

"It's a joint project," Ruth Key said. "It's not just one person."

Key says everyone helps one another.

"She sews on the pom-poms for me because I can't see to sew them on right," Key said.

It's about doing something they love, together, for a great cause.

"It's fun picking out colors," Agatha Hawn.

"They say things go viral, hats went viral here," Salem said.

The ladies also make hats for each other and for every resident in the Capetown Independent Living neighborhood. They make them for friends and family as well.

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