Fourth-grader takes initiative to make political change

Fourth-grader takes initiative to make political change
One Heartland fourth-grader has started a new discussion on the playground.
One Heartland fourth-grader has started a new discussion on the playground.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One Heartland fourth-grader has started a new discussion on the playground.

The topic is very mature for a nine-year-old: politics. She's taking that discussion to the next level by starting a petition to make a change. Regardless of your political views, this girl has a lot to teach everyone about taking a stand for what you believe in.

"The First Amendment is freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition," Cheyanne Joiner said.

She has certainly done her research.

"You have the power to do something about the government if they are doing something you don't like them doing," Cheyanne said.

Her purple, glittery nail polish glides around the keys as she searches for answers.

"The bill of rights is an important thing to look at," Cheyanne said.

She's been working hard to find out exactly how to accomplish her goal.

"I'm making a petition to get a new president of the United States." Cheyanne said. "It says we the undersigned are concerned children..."

It's not even the goal of the petition that really stands out. It's more about the message Cheyanne is sending to the world.

"Children know what's going on in the world, even if it has to do with politics and no matter what age they are," Cheyanne said.

This child's vision for our county is clearer than many adults'. She has an incredible willpower to protect what she believes in.

"I think about my future, and my family, a nieces' and my cousins' futures," Cheyanne said. "I think the American dream is just to be free."

Local city officials say the number of people, including adults, who take the initiative to start a petition, like Cheyanne did, is low.

"We have had, since I've been here in four and a half years just two initiative petitions," City Manager Scott Meyer said.

Meyer said Cheyanne's "take-a-stand" spirit is rare.

"A nine-year-old?" Meyer said. "We haven't seen that at all. So wonderful that she is taking initiative to do that. There's something inside that little girl that speaks of greatness."

Cheyanne said she has some advice for people who would like things to changer, whether it's locally or nationally. She said no matter the subject, don't be afraid to take action.

"If they don't like what's going on in the country and they can do something about it, they could make a petition or if they do like something that's going on in the county, they should try to protect it, try to keep it the way it is," Cheyanne said.

Cheyanne said she has 30 days to get her signatures. That mean, she has her work cut out for her during recess at school.

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