Heartland schools playing catch-up on missed class time

PUXICO, MO (KFVS) - Many Heartland schools are just getting back to class this week after seven or eight days of canceled class thanks to winter weather.

Teachers and students are now making up for lost time.

Students at Puxico High School say even though the break was nice, they were ready to be back in class.

"We have a lot of catching up to do and tests coming up and the finals this week," said Chelsea Baker, a junior at Puxico High School.

Students at Puxico are working extra hard this week.

"Yesterday they pounded tests on us, like, 'Hey, you're taking a test Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday' and I'm like 'There's too many days in the week, I can't handle this,'" said Phoenix Richard, a junior at Puxico High School.

After staying at home for seven days, playing catch-up can be stressful for students. However, Principal Cindy Crabb said the work will pay off.

"A lot of things are being finished up this week," Principal Crabb said. "In High School, we are trying to finish up a lot of our bigger projects, getting ready for finals at the end of the week. A lot of our kids are doing dual credit, a lot of our kids take I-TV classes and things like that, so it's important that we do try to stay on that schedule if we can."

Students say that's okay with them because extra work means no extra days at the end of this semester.

"They said we are still going to keep this quarter and we are still going to just go to Friday and then that'll be it, so we don't have to extend the semester. So that was good," Richard said.

Principal Crabb said when class got back in session Monday, teachers met and mapped out a game plan for this week.

"[We had to] adjust lesson plans and try to meet the constraints of the semester," Principal Crabb said.

The students say they're crossing their fingers for what the weather has in store for next semester.

"We definitely do not want any more snow days because we do not want to go to school until June," Baker said.

Puxico wasn't the only school district out of session for many days. Bloomfield, Iron County Schools, and also Zalma were out for seven days or more.

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