City leaders want your input for Cape Girardeau street

City leaders want your input for Cape Girardeau street

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The look would be similar to the Broadway improvements, new lights, new sidewalks and a new landscape.

Right now, the city is in the planning phase, so they have two different options of what changes there could be on William Street.

The city is looking at the William corridor from Kingshighway to Main Street.

The section of the road near businesses will probably remain at four lanes, but near the homes it could narrow down to two lanes.

In one of the options, there is a landscaped median. And, in another it's a left turn lane.

City leaders are talking about low shrubs, new lighting and possibly cross walks or pedestrian trails.

While most people agree it would improve the look of the area, not everyone thinks the plan is a good idea.

"It's all very exciting, we know the William corridor needs improvement, and the feedback we've gotten so far has been pretty positive," said Casey Brunke, the Cape Girardeau City Engineer.

"I really haven't heard much about it, but the Broadway change, I think, is really nice and I think it really looked nice down there, hopefully if we can do something like that here. I think that would be a nice change, just worried about make the difference in traffic flow cause we are a lot heavier traffic here than we are on Broadway," said Kevin Farmer with Farmers Pool and Spa.

"I would say that would be a step in the wrong direction, William street is halfway residential, halfway commercial, the commercial side is already three or four lanes, I think that it would hinder the flow of traffic, rather than help the flow of traffic especially in this area out here," said Mark Mueller.

"We have put together a couple different concepts for the public to look at but by no means are they set in stone, this is why we're having the public meeting," said Farmer.

Funding for the planning phase came from the current Transportation Trust Fund 4, but construction costs would go before voters during the next transportation fund 5 in 2015.

After that, it would still be a year or two before crews would start construction.

If you have an idea for the project, or want to tell city leaders what you think, there will be an open meeting Wednesday December 18, 2013 at the Osage Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

You can also check out more of the plans here.

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