Ice flies off semi into man's Jeep windshield

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - As the temperatures warm up, watch for flying ice coming down. One man in Sikeston was injured recently after a chunk of ice crashed right through his Jeep's windshield.

Dave Carnell is who will be fixing his vehicle.

It happened on Highway 61. The driver told Carnell that ice flew off a semi traveling in front of him and became a dangerous projectile heading straight for his jeep.

"Went through the windshield and struck him on the chest pretty hard," said Carnell. "And he had sunglasses on and that protected his eyes but when it happened he reacted like a lot of us would (gasp) it went all down his mouth and throat. And if you look inside the Jeep, the glass is just like glass powder and so he had to deal with all that. It's pretty amazing that he survived that."

Carnell has many vehicles around his shop that have also been damaged from flying ice. It is not that uncommon this time of year he said.

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