School administrators make up for snow days

School administrators make up for snow days

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Silent hallways, empty desks, barren bleachers are all signs of snow days.

"It's quiet, it's lonely, it's empty, that's not what schools are supposed to be," said Stan Seiler, Advance Schools Superintendent.

Seiler said while students are at home, administrators are already planning. They're shuffling final exams, and rescheduling extra events.

"They can't learn if they're not here," said Seiler.

Seiler has been checking the roads twice a day to see if they're safe for busses and students to return to the drop off line.

"Students safety is absolutely top priority," said Seiler.

By state statute, Seiler said they have some built-in snow days; a few during the school year, and a few at the end of the calendar.

"Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and we won't have any more," said Seiler.

After four days away from school, students in Chaffee returned to their hallways. Counselor Brandi Ritter said both teachers and students seem happy to be back.

"I think the first few days were very welcome and exciting, and i think everyone got a little bored," said Ritter.

"Sounds weird, but I'm happy to be back in school," said Senior Mackenzie Chapman.

At the high school, Ritter said they will keep to their finals schedule, but have rescheduled some extra activities like a military entrance exam for the 11th graders.

"Our instructors are maximizing all of our instructional time trying to get all the curriculum in before Christmas Break," said Ritter.

But that Christmas break might be a little shorter.

"We haven't decided yet but there is talk of shortening our Christmas break, so that we still have those breaks in January, February, and of course spring break, those are much needed," said Ritter.

Students are also pressed for time.

Chapman is a senior and helps organize Homecoming activities.

"It's really putting a deadline, like a close deadline on getting everything completed," said Chapman.

Deadlines that may only get tighter if the weather continues.

The superintendent at Scott County Central High School said they are in good shape and shouldn't have to reschedule much.

But other schools like Centerville, have already called off school for Friday.
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