Salvation Army says donations are down

Salvation Army says donations are down

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Winter Storm '13 closed schools and businesses, but it also put a freeze on volunteer efforts.

The Salvation Army says it missed out on thousands of dollars over the weekend with volunteers and donors stuck indoors.

Salvation Army Captain Ronnie Amick said the numbers are really low and time is running out.

With just 11 days remaining in the Red Kettle Campaign, the Salvation Army has reached 34 percent of it's goal.

That translates to $132,000, but it's goal is $384,000.

And normally the organization would be at about 60 percent of it's goal by this point in the holiday season.

If it comes up short, it won't necessarily affect Christmas this year, but next year's programs could pay the price.

"Unfortunately our kettle fundraising program is lagging behind, it's going very, very slowly," said Capt. Ronnie Amick. "If we're unable to reach our goal we would have to sit down and look at our budget and the services we provide and see what area is easiest to cut. And we don't want to cut any of those, whether it be food boxes program or meal program or youth programs."

Captain Amick says a combination of the storm and a reduced number of shopping days has added up to fewer donations.

If you'd like to give, red kettles are set up at stores all around Cape Girardeau.

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