Pink Up: December Newsletter

Pink Up: December Newsletter

Good morning to you! It's time again to think Pink Up. Breast cancer is the second leading cancer killer in U.S. women. Take the time today and on the 12th of every month to do a self-exam.

This month's Pink Up story is about a boutique at the Saint Francis Cancer Medical Center that is part of a support group. On the last day of the support group, the women (and a few men) get make up kits and tutorials on how to do their makeup, hair, nails, etc. to look their best while losing their hair and going through chemo.

It's all aimed to boost the patient's self confidence during a rough time in his/her life.

The boutique has all different lengths, colors, and styles of wigs. Some of them are affordable, and some of them are free donated from the American Cancer Society.

Watch The Breakfast Show and Heartland News at Five to see the story.

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