Dog rescues owner - Surviving cold temps - Flags for fallen soldier

Dog rescues owner - Surviving cold temps - Flags for fallen soldier

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It's a real life Lassie story! A man says he was driving through Jackson when a border collie running through the area caught his attention. Every time he tried to catch it, the dog would run away. He finally followed it to a house where the dog's elderly owner had slipped and fallen in the cold weather. The woman had been there for hours! Christy Millweard tracked down the rescuer today and has that story on Heartland News at Six.

A desperate search for a couple and four children missing for two days in the below-zero cold of Nevada's rugged mountains turned jubilant yesterday when rescuers guided in part by cellphone signals and footprints in the snow found them alive and well near their overturned Jeep. On Heartland News at Five, Allison Twaits tells us how to survive the cold temps if you get stuck in your car.

Crews resume their search today for a

. They suspended the search last night.

More than

has been approved to help people and households affected by the Nov. 17 tornadoes and severe storms.


because of the winter storm from last week.

Citing a potential threat to public health, the Food and Drug Administration is taking steps toward

in animals processed for meat.

The U.S. Department of Health and Senior Services reports 4,124 Missouri residents have

through the federally run online marketplace.

The Salvation Army reports that with the winter weather and a shorter shopping season, donations are down this year. Mollie Lair explains on Heartland News at Six.

Elian Gonzales is now a 20-year-old man, who says he isn't scarred by his mother's death at sea by boat or the fight over him that ripped his family apart.

A family of 12 is

in Texas. They gave a tour of their temporary home, and it has what you would expect in a house, beds, a TV and even a Christmas tree.

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