PINK UP: Look Good, Feel Better

PINK UP: Look Good, Feel Better

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Look good, feel better. It's the motto and name of a program for cancer patients. While through treatment like chemo or radiation can help get rid of the cancer, it can also get rid of a person's self esteem.

"It makes you feel pretty when you're going through a terrible illness," said Toni Scott.

It's all part of the Power of Pink support group at Saint Francis Medical Center.

"It was one of the best things I could have done after being diagnosed," said Sharon Laster.

Laster is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed earlier this year, and just finished the support group classes.

Laster said the last day of class was the best.

"We walked in the room and there were these little make up kits sitting all around the room," said Laster.

It was the "Look Good, Feel Better" program day.

From make-up to hair to nails, the women get beauty tips and techniques.

"They taught us how to apply the makeup so that it was less noticeable that you were missing your eyelashes, or your eyebrows," said Laster.

The program aims to improve self-esteem and quality of life for men and women going through cancer treatment.

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis qualifies.

"When you lose your hair as a woman, that's a big deal," said Laster.

Charlene Weber was a hair stylist for more than 20 years and now helps cancer patients pick out their new wig at the Saint Francis Boutique.

"Find something that's going to look good on them, and you try to find out what their color was before so that it does look more natural, but some don't want that either, some want looks nothing like what they had," said Weber.

"You don't want to go out, at least I didn't," said Toni Scott.

Scott is also a volunteer at the boutique. She said she can relate to the women because she too has lost her hair before.

"It's almost like it's disgraceful in some ways, its demeaning, and with a wig, it gives you back your life," said Scott.

There are different colors, lengths, and styles. If you don't find a wig you like, the volunteers can help you order one just for you.

Scott said the wigs are affordable, and some are free, donated form the American Cancer Society.

"Once they get a wig on that they feel comfortable, their whole demeanor changes," said Scott.

"I've watched women almost be transformed in the way they carry themselves," said Laster.

While looking good, the volunteers hope patients will start feeling better form their cancer treatments.

The "Look Good, Feel Better" program also offers classes and tips for men and teens going through cancer treatment.

You can find more information on that program here.

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