Crew of 8 clear more than 200 miles of roads in Jefferson Co.

Crew of 8 clear more than 200 miles of roads in Jefferson Co.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Jefferson County has seen it's portion of winter weather this past week.

Although they didn't get as much ice as some parts of the Heartland, they did get plenty of snow. In some areas, nearly a foot.

Jefferson County Engineer Brandon Simmons says since the winter storm hit last Thursday, his crew has been working to make sure all the county roads are clear. They have had eight crew members and five plows fighting the snow and ice.

Crew members put in long hours salting and plowing the roads making sure they are safe for vehicles to travel.

Simmons says they have had their fair share of complications and slide offs as well. Since the start of the storm, they have had four plow trucks slide off into ditches. Two even at the same time on Friday evening. Plus, with the older model trucks they have, maintenance and fixing parts has been a task they have had to deal with.

Simmons informed says that his crew has cleaned up the ice and snow for more than 200 miles of county roads in Jefferson County.

They have used roughly 400 tons of salt which is more than 20 percent of their stock pile.

However, they are already ordering more salt and looking at purchasing a new truck next year.

Wednesday crews are hitting spots that might need some extra salt on curves and hills.

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