Good morning! It's frosty and foggy with temps in the teens and lower. More on #TheBreakfastShow. Plus school closings, the search for a missing barge worker, and dangerously low levels on the Mississippi.

It's another bitterly cold morning and today there's frost added in.  Brian Alworth says that temperatures are in the teens and lower this morning.  He'll tell you if this frigid weather is going to stick around.  You'll also want to be careful if you head out this morning because fog could make driving even more dangerous.

We still have dozens of school closings.  Tune in now to see them scrolling on your screen.  You can also find them on our app.

Also this morning:  the search continues in the icy Ohio river for a barge worker that fell into the water yesterday.

And, levels on the Mississippi river are dangerously low again in some areas.  Holly Brantley tells us in a live report how the Army Corps of Engineers is trying to help.

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