IDOT crews use tons of salt to fight winter roads

IDOT crews use tons of salt to fight winter roads

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - IDOT crews have had their hands full battling the ice-plagued roadways. After five straight days, crews can finally relax a bit.

IDOT District 9 Operations Engineer Keith Miley says it's not typical they are out this early and use this much salt. Miley says they started the season with 31,400 tons of salt and have used almost 14,000 tons since last Thursday.

That is 44 percent of their stockpile. Around 300 workers used 111 trucks around the clock to get this ice off the roadways as quick as possible. In fact, those trucks were constantly running from Thursday to Sunday night nonstop, according to Miley.

The winter storm including the precipitation from the night of December 9, has cost them roughly $1.6 million.

Miles tells us that they do have plenty of salt in stock right now and more is on the way in preparation for another possible winter weather system coming through on the night of December 13.

IDOT has removed all the ice of the roads as of now and getting some rest.

Miles also says that it seems that people have cooperated in staying off the roadways, which has helped make their job easier getting the ice off the roads.

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