Lawn care company running low on ice melt

Lawn care company running low on ice melt

(KFVS) - One company in the Heartland has seen its fair share if ice this last week.

Family Lawn Care plows snow and melts ice in the southern Illinois area.

They have already gone through 12 pallets of ice melt and are running low.

Chris Haub, co-owner of Family Lawn Care, says this winter storm has taken its toll on their supply and on their employees.

Workers put in 22 hours the first day when the wintry mix hit and have been working every day since.

Haub says they have already gone through about 30,000 pounds of salt.

They have had trouble buying salt in the area and were forced to look elsewhere. They plan on having 18 pallets of ice melt delivered by Wednesday from a company in St. Louis.

Haub says they need to get ready for any more winter precipitation coming in the near future.

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