Winter weather shifts holiday shopping schedules

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Snow and ice have some people stuck at home, making them behind on their Christmas shopping. Many shoppers say normally, they'd be done shopping by now but the winter weather has them playing catch up.

Kim Nguyen says she would have done her shopping over the weekend, but instead she had to shop on Monday.

"I definitely would have gone [this weekend] if it didn't snow, but unfortunately I never left the house," Nguyen said.

Slick road conditions kept her and many other shoppers at home.

"There were thick layers of ice," Jaeden Hall said. "There were like three coatings of ice, all pushed in and a huge pile of snow."

Some had to cut into their work weeks to make it to the stores.

"I couldn't make it because I wasn't able to pull out from my driveway and I had to run in between work to come here and get what I wanted," Syed Hussian said.

Others are calling the strain on their shopping schedule an inconvenience.

"We had initially planned on coming shopping on Saturday but we didn't have a lot to do and, being retired, putting it off until Monday wasn't a real serious problem," Bill Woodard said.

Shoppers aren't the only ones saying it's getting too close to Christmas crunch-time for comfort. Retailers also took a hit with the winter weather.

"Compared to previous years, this is usually a busy gift time for us," Myra Neeley with Marcy's Planet Shoes said. "People have had a hard time getting out, employees have had a hard time getting in."

Neeley says local stops feel the loss of business due to winter weather the most.

"We are optimistic that people are going to get cabin fever and come do their Christmas shopping," Neeley said.

Some shoppers say this winter weather isn't cutting into their shopping schedule as much as their shopping funds.

"I didn't work for three days and that was my money to spend on Christmas," Sarah McBride said. "My plan B is to find odd jobs and such to make some cash to get gifts."

Neeley says local businesses like hers are open. Many of the parking lots are also clear from ice and snow.

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