Danearia and Javeta's Story: A Place to Call Home

Danearia and Javeta's Story: A Place to Call Home

(KFVS) - The children in your life may have a Christmas wish list a mile long.

All two sisters from the Bootheel really want Santa to bring them, is a mom and dad.

Javeta and Danearia are delightful young ladies who spent time a part, something they hope never happens again.

They hope you'll think of them this Christmas, and consider giving these sisters A Place to Call Home.

Javeta is 11 years old and in the 6th grade this year.

"Usually I like usually science, reading, spelling, and a little math," said Javeta.

Her big sister, Danearia, is 13. She is in the 8th grade.

"I like math," said Danearia. "Sometimes my teacher lets me teach math."

Danearia says she likes science a little bit too. Perhaps, she has a future as an entomologist?

"I like bugs, people think I'm weird," said Daneria.  Laughing, she talked about how she likes to hunt for insects and pick them up to examine them.

Both girls are also very expressive.

They love acting and singing.

"I like to sing country, pop, and Justin Bieber songs, " said Danearia.

Javeta describes herself as, "funny, creative and caring."

Danearia describes herself as "funny and talented."

Danearia and Javeta have been in the system for a very long time.

At one point they were separated for about a year.

It's something they never want to experience again.

"I can't really live without my sister, she's the only family I have," said Javeta.

They love spending time together. They are not only sisters, but are best friends too.

"I know me and my sister have each other, but we need more than that," said Javeta. "We also need a family to take care of us and love us."

Danearia and Javeta are hopeful they will soon find a forever home.

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